Obama Wasn’t On The Ballet, Don’t Believe The Spin!

If Coakley wins, I’m sure the MSM is going to spin it into a loss by the president. He wasn’t on the ballot. I read that George Snuffleupagus is saying it will be the biggest upset of the century or some shit like that. That’s crazy, upset? She was appointed to fill a vacancy, she hasn’t won a national election ever, how can it be an upset. Simply because Teddy Kennedy held that seat doesn’t make it a democratic seat. Sure, the democrats will have to take a look in the mirror and learn from this election, but the big lesson from this is that if democrats want to win, they have to put up good candidates. I don’t care how long a seat has been controlled by one party or another, voters are going to pick the best candidate. It’s only the punditocracy that sees it the other way. You get what you vote for, Massachusetts, you vote for an idiot teabagger, you get an idiot teabagger. Life goes on.


6 thoughts on “Obama Wasn’t On The Ballet, Don’t Believe The Spin!

  1. Stop trying to convince yourself this isn’t catastrophic for Democrats. Mass. hasn’t had a Republican senator since the 70’s. Districts that Obama won handily are now voting for a Republican.

    Face it. Obama has lost the independent base in spectacular fashion.

    Ted Kennedy’s seat. To a Republican. LOL.

  2. Obama is back on the ballot in 2012, we’ll see what happens then, won’t we. Martha Coakley lost in Massachusetts, and all politics are local. Special elections often produce odd results, the usual suspects don’t always turn out and sometimes the other side gets out the vote better. If Teddy were running, he would have won. Coakley isn’t Teddy, and what this election really shows is that people vote for candidates, not parties. I know you Obama haters and trolls will do the snoopy dance for a while, but let’s see what happens in 2010 and 2012 and then we’ll talk again.

  3. The sun was in my eyes! The dog ate my homework! The check is in the mail! It was God’s will! It’s all Ralph Nader’s fault! It’s a conspiracy! I was framed! I didn’t know the cruise missile would kill children! My wife must have taken it! It’s a computer glitch! The cell phone company dropped your call! It’s not our fault! It’s not our fault! It’s not our fault! It’s not our fault! It’s not our fault!

    Hope for change!

  4. I’m not trying to convince myself of anything, “lol”. I’ve been watching politics for 40 years and if I got upset everytime a democrat lost, I’d be a basket case like you. It’s not the first time a democrat has lost and it won’t be the last. The most important thing is that there will be more elections and the republicans are as dysfunctional as ever. We dems have to put up good candidates and run good campaigns and we’ll do just fine next election. You go ahead and waste your time doing the snoopy dance, it’s fun, I did it when Obama kicked McCains ass a year ago and the democrats crushed republicans all across the country.

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