Morning Joke Gives Helicopter Harold Free Air Time!

Helicopter Harold Ford Jr., the darling of the Morning Starbucks with Joe show, was just given a nice hunk of time to give his campaign pitch. He went unchallenged, defended the banks and apparently is going on Joe’s radio show later. Isn’t that sweet?

Earlier on the show, Scarborough somehow managed to segue from the Haiti disaster to one of his cherry picked polls showing Obama down, which I’ve been trying to find, but I noticed the fine print at the bottom that had a +/- of 4.8%, which is an awfully high margin of error and points to a sample of probably 400 people or so. I’m working on a post about polls and I’m going to go out on a limb and say things are looking good for democrats next year and in 2012, contrary to the spin the conservative media is trying desperately to sell.

2 thoughts on “Morning Joke Gives Helicopter Harold Free Air Time!

  1. Polls are a funny thing, huh Jim? Very easy to manipulate the masses with them and that is why the right wing loves them so much! The right wing also loves using percentages. They like to say things like, “85% of the 12% who were polled believe that President Obama is 90% wrong two out of the four times a day”.


  2. LOL ain’t it the truth. Nate Silver did a great analysis of FDL’s push poll that drove Snyder out of the race. It’s here ( if you want to check it out, FDL’s poll was a classic example of polling to get the numbers you want. Unfortunately I know way too much about polls, that whole college thing. And it looks like their efforts paid off, they helped a republican…..the scum.

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