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Some Great Links For Libs!

Maureen Dowd needed a Daddy after the exploding panties event.

Treason, it’s all the rage in wingnut land.  When are we going to start enforcing the law?

Maybe the repugs will support gay marriage if it creates jobs.

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Haiti Before The Quake

Here are some photos of Haiti in better times. Taken by Catherine M D and found here.

If you can afford to, please help the American Red Cross.

January 14, 2010 Posted by | General | , , | 2 Comments

If You Voted For Bush In 2004….


I think it should be a law that if you cast your vote for George W. Bush in 2004, after having lived through his first 4 years, that you need to just SHUT THE FUCK UP! You have no right to express your opinion for oooooooooooh, how about 10 years. That’s probably how long it’s going to take to fix the shit.

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