The Sardonic Left

Arrgh Paine has an excellent post on his blog My Take, thanks to Bob Cesca for catching it. It talks about the split in the left that is pitting those who are pragmatic, realistic and wisely using the power that the democrats have – to try to get some changes in our country against the “pure” left who have unrealistic fantasies of what democrats can do in their current power structure. Here is a piece of his excellent concise post.

On one hand we have those who have been justifiably disappointed with the administration on a number of issues in what they thought would be a very progressive agenda. On the other hand we have a group that is justifiably upset at progressives who attack the administration in what they see as a scorched earth policy that will harm the agenda moving forward.

Both groups are correct and the intent of this post is not to convince anyone to abandon their belief or the passionate defense of that belief. The point of this post is to sow understanding. We need to debate the facts in good faith, not the fantasy we want to make those facts mean.

Personally, I look to motives of the people who spew the most venom towards the president. I wonder where that anger and irrational hatred comes from, the kind normally reserved for republicans.

6 thoughts on “The Sardonic Left

  1. It’s still amazing to me that ANYONE (no matter their party) would be against Obama after all the destruction and ball-rolling that happened under George Bush! Man, it irritates the hell out of me.

    Great post Jim. Food for thought. :-)

  2. Oh I agree! Yupyupyup. Obama’s cruise missiles are much kinder and gentler than Bush’s cruise missiles. Just ask the little kids in Pakistan and Yemen and Somalia and…

  3. I certainly think the little kids in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia are a lot better off with Obama as president. I guess we could just abandon that area altogether, it’s not like there are nuclear weapons in the area or unstable governments or anything.

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