Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

It sure is nice to have a democratic president and congress, I just have to say. They are working on a jobs bill that will actually create real jobs for people. I can only imagine what the republic party would offer up if they were in charge, tax cuts for the wealthiest I’m sure. From The Hill

Senate Democrats are crafting a job creation bill that would boost funding for small businesses, public services, infrastructure projects and energy efficiency programs.

An aide to Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said Democrats are looking at proposals in those four main areas. But the aide said that senators have yet to finalize their specific proposals…

…They are considering new transit and highway spending and efforts to help stave off public employee layoffs, as well as a new tax credit for businesses hiring new workers and a program providing incentives for homeowners to retrofit their homes, according to a source off Capitol Hill.

Watch the republicans scream that there aren’t any tax cuts in it, although there are. But when they are targeted tax credits, they can’t end up in some CEO’s bonus.


10 thoughts on “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

  1. “Senate Democrats are crafting a job creation bill that would boost funding for small businesses, public services, infrastructure projects and energy efficiency programs.”
    Now, correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t all of that suppose to be included in the last stimulus package that Obama signed? Why do we need this if it was already done before and it obviously didn’t work?

    Spending in the package includes about $120 billion for infrastructure — new projects repairing bridges, roads, government buildings and the like — more than $100 billion for education and $30 billion on energy-related projects that Obama says will create “green jobs.”

    More than $212 billion goes to tax breaks for individuals and businesses, and another $267 billion is in direct spending like food stamps and unemployment benefits.

    The Congressional Budget Office has predicted that the plan will create between 1 million and 3 million jobs.

  2. Not all of the stimulus money was spent in 2009. Now that George Bush’s 2009 budget year is over (it ended October 2009) and we’ve been in President Obama’s FIRST OFFICIAL budget year 2010 (he signed it into law in the spring of 2009 for it to go into effect in October 2009 for the following year), it’s obvious to me that they want to use the money already set aside UNDER PRESIDENT OBAMA’S BUDGET YEAR.

    Makes sense to me because why give credit to George Bush’s budget year when it’s he and his cronies who ignored the economy for 8 years?

  3. “…and we’ve been in President Obama’s FIRST OFFICIAL budget year 2010…”

    Didn’t finish my thought. Should read after 2010, ‘for 3 months now’.

  4. Thanks again Kay, for pointing out the reality. It amazes me how republicans and Obama haters can say blanket statements like “it didn’t work” when all signs point to the fact that it did work. It’s pretty universally accepted by economists that without the stimulus, we would be in much worse shape. He shored up the financial sectors, which everyone wants to say is giving money to fat cat bankers, but that is ignoring all those millions of seniors who have their life savings wrapped up in the financial sector, shoring up the financial sector is kind of important to them. Now maybe none of these people wanting to take down AIG or Goldman Sachs have relatives with money in the stock, bonds and mutual fund markets.

  5. “when all signs point to the fact that it did work.”

    Excuse me? It did work? We are still sitting at 10% unemployment nation wide, and thousands of people are still losing their jobs on a monthly basis, and you want to say that it did work? Come on.

    Kay you may be right, but that doesn’t mean that it’s time to start writing up another package that has projects that are already adequately covered in the previous stimulus package.

    Question…do you guys live on a budget or do you just write checks without caring what is sitting in your bank account? That practice is irresponsible and it doesn’t matter which party is doing it. It is simply wrong.

    I was never a Bush fan, but don’t you think it’s time to move away from the “it’s Bush’s fault” chant.

  6. Browncoat, I’m not going to spend a lot of my time explaining it to you, you obviously have your mind made up and I wouldn’t want any facts to get in the way of that. It did work, if you don’t have the fantasy that it was going to magically drop the unemployment rate to 6%. Almost all the leading economists say that all the growth we experienced last year was do to the stimulus. The stock market rebounded, which helped a whole hell of a lot of seniors who were watching their 401K’s and life savings go down the drain. The auto industry in America was about to go down, it is maintaining now. The stimulus wasn’t a cure all and anyone who thinks it was supposed to be, should really get their head out of their ass because it must be nasty in there.

    No one said it was Bush’s fault, Kay was pointing out that we are still operating on Bush’s last budget and Obama was handed all this crap, so blaming him at this point in his presidency is just plain stupid. Now if in a couple of years, we are still in this mess, then it might be time to put some blame at Obama’s feet, but really, the man has been in there for less than a year. It took Bush 8 years to destroy our economy, I’m willing to give our president a couple to try to get it back on track.

    And I just love it when I read “I was never a Bush fan”…it usually means they voted for him, but when he turned out to be the village idiot, they disowned him. :)

  7. I voted for Nader thank you very much, so don’t go acting like an ass and assuming things that you have no knowledge of.

  8. I stand corrected Browncoat, you voted for the other village idiot. It’s pretty easy to just be against everything, isn’t it. No thinking involved, no solutions to anything….just bitching, whining and crying. Boy that must be a fun life. I don’t think either party is perfect, they never have been and never will be. But when I step back in the real world and look at which of the two parties is most representative of how I want my government to work, the democrats win by many miles. Which party does that for you? Neither?

  9. Don’t talk to me about village idiots when it looks like you went ahead and voted for Gore.

    You still didn’t answer my question regarding living on a budget, maybe because you know you’ll have a double standard. Because you obviously support ANY congress passing an off the wall spending bill that is loaded with pork from both parties.

  10. LOL… because I voted for Gore, I’m the idiot. :)
    Thanks for the laugh, seriously, thanks.

    Your Question “…do you guys live on a budget or do you just write checks without caring what is sitting in your bank account? That practice is irresponsible and it doesn’t matter which party is doing it. It is simply wrong.”

    Well no, I don’t write bad checks. And I have a budget. Now if only the federal government were so simple, it would be awesome. But unfortunately we are stuck with what we have until we can change it, but the forces for the status quo are pretty tough, so it’s going to be hard to do.

    I would just remind you that the last democratic president, Bill Clinton, left office with a surplus in his budgets….he was paying for things. If we look back before Clinton, we had Bush Sr. and Reagan before that….are you aware of how big our national debt grew between 1980 and 1992? In 1980 the national debt was 907 Billion dollars, in 1992 it was 4 Trillion dollars. It quadrupled in 8 years. You then look at what it was when Clinton left office, it was 5.6 trillion < .50 times growth. That's 1/8th of how much Reagan increased it. Let's fast forward again to see what it was when Bush left office. It was 11.6 trillion, almost double what it was. If we look at it on a wider scale, Bush's deficit in 8 years is equal to the all the debt going back to 1791.

    Now my point in all that is that when it comes to being responsible with our tax dollars, the numbers don't lie. Democrats are more fiscally responsible, regardless of what the republicans and MSM say. Now if you want to say both the dems and reps are the same, they both suck, well the democrats suck a lot less, if you look at the numbers.

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