The “So What” Watch

I’m starting a new series called the “So What” watch. So much of what passes as news these days is just crap and I find myself often saying so what? Who gives a shit about some of this stuff. Here is one from one of the worst “media” offenders, The Huffington Post. I am not linking to Huffpost, but the original article that they linked to, I don’t want to give them any more clicks than they already get. It’s about “ABC beauty Bianna Golodryga” who just recently got engaged to Peter Orszag, the White House budget director. I guess it’s an attempt to embarrass the white house or something. So What?


3 thoughts on “The “So What” Watch

  1. She is a beauty, but who gives a shit about her DWI? Maybe we should dig into the two writers background, see what shit we can dig up them? Sensationalistic crap.

  2. What I find fascinating is over the course of George Bush’s 8 years the right wingers thought the media (which is only Fox News to them!) did good at reporting the ‘facts’. Now? They’re complaining that any news outlet is reporting anything positive about Obama and believes our media is dead. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Man, I despise the right wingers. Bunch of blind morons.

    I rarely read the Huffington Post. I do link to them from time to time, but it’s not consistent.

  3. Overall, I think Huffington Post is pretty good, in comparison to some, except for a few guest bloggers and Arianna herself lately. They really have a lot of “The Sky is Falling” headlines, very sensationalistic. It’s almost like getting caught up in an Entertainment Tonight type show or the National Enquirer, celebrity wardrobe malfunctions, who’s dating who, whatever…

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