Is It Just Me?

I was listening to a podcast of Bill Maher’s Real Time the other day on the way to work and whenever the audience applauded, some idiot(s) would whistle in one of those loud, piercing whistles that penetrates your skull. STOP THIS People! It sucks ass. It happens at concerts, political speeches….all different sorts of events. What the hell are these people doing it for, do they just want to be noticed?


4 thoughts on “Is It Just Me?

  1. The worst is when you are standing right in front of the idiot whistler, I usually turn around and glare at them, which only provokes them, since they ARE idiots after all. If you are one who does this, tell us why, and then STOP IT!

  2. LOL Jim! Well, I have a very loud earpiercing whistle myself that was taught to me by my grandmother (she would literally call the cows in at my Uncle’s farm! LOL). Anyway, Thursday night myself and other angry residents showed up to vote against the Slimeballs on our Selectboard and WON. I started whistling as soon as the majority of the room stood up in defiance. You should have seen the look on people’s faces! Priceless. They look at me in sheer terror because their ears were hurting badly!

    Fun. I thank my awesome grandmother for teaching me well. :-)

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