Change Has Come!

In an effort to counter the “Republic party” and faux-progressive assault on our president as a failure, here is a partial list of some of the accomplishments he has either started or has implemented.  Many of them happened in the first 100 days, but many more have slipped under the radar of the MSM over the entire 11 months of his presidency.   I know many bomb throwers will deny that many of them really happened, I guess that’s the political environment we now find ourselves in, just deny it or lie about it.  Feel free to add to this list in the comments.  Many thanks to bacalove at Daily Kos.

  • Reversed Bush ban on federal funding of stem cell research.
  • The 787 billion dollar stimulus package provides hundreds of billions
    of tax cuts and helps fund state programs already in place
  • the stimulus package helps repair a decayed infrastructure
  • The education secretary has five billion of Discretionary spending to improve education
  • is much more science friendly with the energy secretary being a scientist
  • reversed Bush global gag rule on doctors and provided funding for international family planning groups

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“Progressive” Blogs Gone Astray, It Was Predicted!

Jamie over at Intoxination made a prediction just over year ago that is very eerie.  Go read it here, if you haven’t seen it yet.  Thanks to the Awesome Bob Cesca for bringing it to my attention.  Here are some excerpts from Jamie’s prediction.

“This will be the first year that we have a Democrat in the White House in the modern blogging age, and with that I do have a rather dire prediction. As the year progresses and we start seeing exactly how soon to be President Obama governs, some of the groups and organizations we all cherished for their work these past several years will quickly turn into something we can’t understand, maybe even bordering on entering the wingnut-o-sphere.

I predict this will start when/if Obama decides to increase the number of troops in Afghanistan. People quickly forget the key points of campaigns, and bloggers are no exception. We will hear a big out cry from some bloggers screaming that Obama is breaking campaign promises on Afghanistan, when in fact he will be doing exactly what he said…

…If you suddenly find yourself on opposing views of one of your favorite blogs or political action committees, the best thing to do is walk away. Giving them attention, even if it is as simple as disagreement, is the equivalent of giving a beer to an alcoholic. I also suggest the other bloggers out there simply stop linking them and even remove them from your blogrolls. If these individuals don’t get the attention they crave then eventually they will realize that their lust for fame has deeply clouded their love for blogging, and hopefully they will wake up and realize that commons sense is the best part of any blog…”

I, for one, have taken his advice and walked away from a few blogs that used to be among my favorites.  And it’s not because I disagree with them, it’s because they seem to have become exactly like Jamie predicted, driven by clicks, money, sensationalism and fame.