Cheney Wrong 100% of the Time

Check out this post by Michael O’Hanlon on the President’s first year in foreign policy.  Here’s an excerpt…

But in fact, Obama has had a solid first year in foreign policy matters. By one measure, comparison with other first-year presidents in modern history, Obama ranks with the three or four best since World War II by my estimation – and I write this as someone who opposed Obama during the Democratic primary process of 2007-2008 largely because of fears at the time that he would not be strong on national security.

Personally, I’m thrilled by his approach to foreign policy.  The Bush swagger created a lot of animosity towards the United States and our president has already done a lot to repair that image.  Cheney, the puppet-master behind W., of course thinks the president is all wrong in not acting cocky.  It seems that every time Cheney opens his mouth, I disagree with him.


7 thoughts on “Cheney Wrong 100% of the Time

  1. While the fact remains you can disagree with anyone, in the end there is the other fact waiting; it does not make it necessary for the other party to be wrong. You can still disagree and still be wrong.

  2. If as you say, Cheney is the puppet-master behind W., then I’ll advance the notion that George Soros, Nancy Pie-holesey and Harry (Incompetent) Reid each have their arms shoved up Obama’s ass right up to their shoulders. :-)

  3. I’m not sure I follow your logic there. I was just making an observation that everytime Cheney speaks, I disagree with him. I look at it like Bizarro world, up is down, down is up.

  4. Nancy Pie-holesey….funny, seriously. You could advance that, but there isn’t much evidence to support it, whereas there is an ample amount to support the fact that Cheney was very powerful in the Bush administration, and that comes from former Bush people, not the left. Cheney didn’t really even try to hide that fact.

  5. If Nancy Pelosi truly was the Puppet Master for Obama, then please explain why the public option and single payer are not in the current House & Senate bills (actually the public option is in the House bill and will most likely be taken out)? Huh?

    Right wingers are so stupid. It’s painful sometimes to read their “logic”.

  6. It makes sense that I have to explain this to a dumb lib in Maine.

    To answer your question, Kay, it’s because some Dems in Congress wouldn’t agree to support the bill with that provision in it.

    There are some people Pie Holesey just can’t persuade.

    Left wing-nuts are stupid as well.

  7. Ben, WTF are you talking about? Did you forget what you were thinking about? You should try to be more consistent with your right-wing propoganda, it would be more persuasive. My original point about Cheney isn’t even disputed in right wing circles, a whole hell of a lot of people, including the left-wing, don’t think Pelosi has much control over Obama at all. So you are really stretching it trying to pull some lame analogy to Obama and Pelosi…really, give it up.

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