The Hamsher Maze!

Having been pissed off so much by Jane Hamsher and her thugs at FireDogLake, I went to Google and typed in her name. Woe, in about 5 minutes I learned an awful lot about her that now makes other things clearer to me.  She was one of the producers of Oliver Stone’s film “Natural Born Killers” and even wrote a book about her experience on that film.  It was financed by Time Warner, hmmmm, is that a corporation?  I thought Jane was against those big corporations, but apparently not when they are paying her.  Now that was a movie I would never go see, I hate violence in all forms and I think Hollywood has been sensationalizing it and making it cool by presenting it in a hip, fast paced way that appeals to impressionable “yutes.”  Check out this link that talks about how the film was directly related to at leat 8 murders.

My fishing around on Google also turned up another link, here it is, that talks about other lovely things she’s done over the years, including the race-baiting photo of Clinton with Joe Lieberman during the primaries in Connecticut.  Now I am no fan of Lieberman’s by any means, but this event does show the type of person she truly is. Hmmmmm, I’ll have to click a few more links on google and let you know what else I find about this person who seems to be showing up on my Teevee way too much.

8 thoughts on “The Hamsher Maze!

  1. Interesting Kay. I have a feeling there is even more to the story. I bet the MSM would love to do a hit piece on her if it were handed to them on a silver platter. They love taking down people who play dirty, well, they love taking down anyone it seems. I would hate to be on Joe Lieberman’s side though, but I would suspect he’s none too pleased with her after attacking his wife….who helps raise money for cancer.

  2. Right now she is enjoying being the LIBRUL sweetheart of MSNBC just as John Aravosis used to revel in being a LIBRUL celebrity on CNN (where I haven’t seen him in ages but then don’t tune in there much anymore). The latter used to tip off his loyal followers with the broadcast time schedule so he wouldn’t be missed!

  3. Because he’s a former republican who worked for Ted Stevens, well, ASSvosis can pound sand!

    I don’t think CNN has him on anymore. Good. He doesn’t deserve the attention especially when he gets holier than thou by going after the poor in this country while touting how much he makes a year! Disgusting he is.

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