Obama gets an A in his first year!

Considering the hand he was dealt, I think President Obama has done a fantastic job in his first 11 months. Daily Kos has a post up about winners in 2009.


22 thoughts on “Obama gets an A in his first year!

  1. An A???

    Even Oprah only gave him a B+

    Three failures right off the top of my head:

    01. Copenhagen
    02. North Korea
    03. Iran

    And in the process of failing: the U.S. Economy.

    How about breaking his promise with all the Pork he signed into law just last week in the Defense Spending bill? 4.2 Billion dollars in pork.

  2. Well dear, in my book he has earned an E..and it sure and hell isn’t for Excellent. He wasn’t dealt half the hand that he has put on every Anerican in this country …except for you I take it !!! Well in 20 or 30 years from now…when your Grandkids are paying for all of his spending and your doctor tells you that you are too old and you can’t get the operation or medical treatment to save your life…eat your words. May-be that will give you peace of mind knowing you thought he was so great. Happy New Years.

  3. I guess if Oprah says it, it must be true. My A is considering the dysfunctional congress, who I blame for the pork. The economy is a result of 8 years of handouts to rich people, two wars that weren’t paid for, relaxing of regulations that let the fat cats make money on the backs of workers. It’s going to take a while to reverse the damage W. did to our country, those who want to place blame for all that on Obama are not looking at the big picture. But I guess it’s just easier to blame than to think a little bit.

  4. Now Lizzygram, are you a republican. If so, you want to talk about spending, coming off 8 years of Bush? The health care bill is going to reduce the budget and the stimulus money was needed to save us from slipping into a depression, and if you haven’t been keeping track, the banks have been paying back the money that was loaned to them. Now if you aren’t a republican, don’t take this to heart, but I always have to LOL when I hear repugs screaming about deficits. Look at history, Reagan quadrupled the national debt in 8 years, that’s 4 times what it was when he entered office. From CBS news “On the day President Bush took office, the national debt stood at $5.727 trillion. The latest number from the Treasury Department shows the national debt now stands at more than $9.849 trillion. That’s a 71.9 percent increase on Mr. Bush’s watch.” So really, you want to talk about passing on debt. We’ll see what Obama ends up with after 4 years, I’ll make a prediction that it will be very little or possibly less.

  5. I agree Jim! President Obama is slowly but surely working through the Bush shitpile he was left.

    By the way Lizzy, GEORGE BUSH’S 2009 BUDGET ENDED IN OCTOBER 2009. We’ve been living under President Obama’s FIRST OFFICIAL 2010 BUDGET FOR TWO MONTHS NOW! He’s only added 4% to what George Bush produced. Here’s a right wing pie graph from the CATO Institute:


    Even the right wingers are saying we can’t blame Obama for what George Bush wrought! Also, did George Bush add the Iraq/Afghan wars and the tax cuts for the uber wealthy in any of his budgets over the years? Nope! To deceive the public into not knowing how much this was costing us, he did them as emergency supplementals. President Obama being an honest guy with the American people actually added them in.

    JIM, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW BLOG! So happy for you! I have linked your blog on my blog.


  6. By the way Jim, I will be watching your film THIS WEEKEND. Ugh. So busy sometimes that time gets the best of me! I have 3 days off and will be spending it catching up with myself. :-)

    Congratulations to YOUR blog, Jim! We need more REAL progressive liberals speaking the truth online. Yay! I’m telling you right now….I will never drop my panties for the right wing of this country like “some progressive liberals” have in recent days. No way! Embarrassing.

    Take care! *progressive fist bump* :-)

  7. I think he has done a very good job all things considered. He inherited a mess. Sure, he’s made some mistakes (as inevitably anyone would), but I have been very pleased over all.

    This year he has been in such a cleanup mode that he has had little to do but put out the fires (or do the best he can). Hopefully, as the situation gets more under control, he will be able to properly shine a bit more. No one loves the president when the economy is bad (whether he created it or not) and his approval rating will be low until he gets the the unemployment numbers down. He has done well, but it will be no easy task given no president can force employers to hire. I have confidence he will get things rolling but we need to give him time and patience.

    Most importantly, we now have an articulate, intelligent leader who puts a good face on the US… a VERY nice change.

    I would prob go with more of a B+ rating (I might say A-, but given Obama gave himself a B+… I’ll agree with his own assessment… what can I say, the guy is persuasive). Given all he had on his plate, I think a B+ is doing pretty well.

  8. Kay, I don’t know if you got my comment out the spam catcher where I said, don’t sweat watching the doc. No pressure at all, I am the exact same way with my watch list. This whole political addiction thing……

  9. I will put the blame where it lies….and yes Bush had his too as well as Clinton and the rest. Obama is the one that said he would VETO any pork in any bill. So, don’t put all the blame on the congress. Obama is the one who said this health care package wouldn’t cost the taxpayers a dime. That was an outright lie. He is the one who is trying to change this democray to a socialist. I would rather take Bush’s shit rather than Obama’s. Don’t forget the Obama’s Cash for Clunkers…which didn’t do any good. Another stimulas which did no good. Still bailing out Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae. SPEND SPEND SPEND SPEND …WE now use Monopoly Money. He can’t even back our Military Request….took how long while our boys were getting killed everyday…some Commander and Cheif…wouldn’t you say???

  10. And no I am not a Republician….I am an Independent. Both Parties suck ass to get ahead in the political world. No one is for the people just themselves.

  11. But Lizzy, ask any auto dealer if they liked cash for clunkers. They are small business owners, the ones who create…is it 80% of jobs. And I witnessed the stimulus money working here in Michigan, people working on roads and overpasses. Do you think if I stopped and talked to those folks working that they would say the stimulus did nothing? The thoughts that went through my head were that their kids might actually have a Christmas this year. What do you prefer, tax cuts for rich people? Or do you swing the pendulum the other way and say we should create more government jobs (which I’m not opposed to). Obama was handed a mess of an economy, have you seen the news in the last couple of months? We aren’t in the dire straights we were when Obama took office. And on Fannie and Freddy, what’s your problem with them? Do you know what they do? Or are you spouting talking points from Huffpost or some other bashing site?

  12. And don’t forget how much money was “left off the books” in the Bush/Cheney era when they didn’t want the taxpayers to know what WE were actually paying for.

  13. Just spent two weeks traveling in the EVIL socialist Baltic States and never saw so many happy people, some even bragging about paying high taxes. Our trolls from here could even go there and get free higher education! If my aunt and uncle had lived there, when they died after spending a combined total of 12 years in a nursing home for their Alzheimer’s, they could have left their children hundreds of thousands which would have been their inheritance if medical care hadn’t taken every last dime, even their family farm. In Europe old people don’t have to worry about nursing home care, even eating dog food because of the pittance of our pension plans for many. Do I take my pill for high blood pressure today and possibly have a stroke, or do I eat a square meal??? That’s the choice for many here.

    BTW, broke my arm tripping on cobblestones in front of Big Ben in May and the kindly Brits took care of me, not a cent was required of me, even for pain killers, and they said it wasn’t necessary to return to my hotel to retrieve my US passport as they believed me when I said I was a “legal” alien there! However, since returning home, due to my radius bone healing a few millimeters shorter causing pain and loss of range-of-motion, I had to have my arm re-broken surgically and bills so far have reached over $60K for my four hours in a hospital here. Just got a bill for several hundred dollars since Aetna, my supplemental insurer, didn’t pay for any of my $6000 physical therapy bill, so even with insurance, my accident has cost me $600. Don’t know what I’d do if I weren’t over 65 years of age. I guess live with a useless crippled right hand.

  14. And no I am not a Republician….I am an Independent.

    In other words were a republican till you couldn’t defend bush or the rest of them anymore?

  15. Lizzy, did you happen to read that George Bush put the “right” people in place to make sure the Blackwater murderers got away with murder? WORST PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY!

  16. America needs a lot of changing before people will want to take care of their neighbors. The selfish Reagan years are still with us and probably worse since W.’s reign. I’m very fortunate to work at a state sponsored university and get pretty good insurance, which my union the MEA and NEA negotiated for us. Those EVIL unions, you know? I heard a great line from James Carville the other day, I’ll have to go look for it. He basically said in response to Jim DeMint blocking the appointment of the new TSA head, all those firemen who ran into the buildings on 9-11…..they were in a union….
    Slowly we’ll get things back to where they were, we have to stick together and help each other out.

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